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Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation before 10 July: £25 admin fee per person payable.

  • Cancellation after 10 July:  100% fee.

  • In the event of another lockdown due to an outbreak, we will follow all protocol set out by the government and governing bodies. Any days not used due to the Summer School being closed will be refunded to you within 28 days.

Code of Conduct
  • At Vivace we are all supportive and respectful of each other, both as musicians and friends. We listen to each other play and appreciate their hard work.

  • Children at Vivace understand that their behaviour in lessons can affect everyone else’s enjoyment of the course so try hard to listen to the teacher and do their best to follow the instructions. Parents, if your child becomes disruptive in a class please take them out of the class for a few minutes to give them time to settle again. If you have any concerns please talk to the teacher during the break.

Health and Safety Rules
  • Please wear your name badge at all times. Kingsdale staff may ask to see it, please understand that this is to protect the safety of our children on site. 

  • Please respect school property at all times. Only use designated rooms with our room numbers. There are valuable resources that belong to the school and are not ours to play with.

  • In the event of a fire in the classrooms or other buildings, we would gather in the school playground for a roll call.

  • No food or drink is to be consumed in the classrooms. Please eat outside or in our designated indoor space for rainy days.

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