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We are very much looking forward to welcome you on Monday at the Dulwich Suzuki Camp, at Dulwich Wood Primary School.


Due to a circumstance beyond our control, we have to change the venue. Dulwich Wood Primary School is next to the Kingsdale Foundation School, your travel plan should not be affected.

Getting there:

Dulwich Wood Primary School is located 5 minutes walk from Sydenham Hill station. Click here for walking direction.

There is free street parking on surrounding roads including Bowen Drive and Lyall Avenue. Do not park on the estate car park as this is parking for permit holders only.

Registration opens at 8:40. 

If your child has a 9am lesson please arrive for registration from 8.40 onwards. If your child’s first lesson is at 10am please arrive for registration from 9.40 onwards. 

There will be a brief orientation meeting for everyone at 10am in the Hall upstairs. Our stewards will be available to help you find your way around.


Please label your instruments, bows, shoulder rests and anything else that you would like returned if you leave it behind.

CELLISTS should bring their own stool & spike holder.

Children must be signed in and out each day with one of our stewards.

A parent must attend the child’s daily individual lesson unless it has been agreed prior to the start of the workshop that someone else will attend for part of the course.

Please provide a packed lunch every day together with water in a named bottle (no juice as it gets sticky), and small snacks for breaks.  

All the food brought into the premises must be nut-free as we have several children with nut allergies.


Concert day (Friday 27th):
Friday is our concert day; children will have a compressed timetable, each session will be 30 minutes long. Our accompanist is Tony Ingham and the children will rehearse with him on Thursday afternoon & Friday morning. Please check the board to find out your rehearsal time.

Please provide a packed lunch as usual.

Each child will perform their solo piece and a group piece. The ensembles will also perform. Please ask your home teacher to help choosing a piece beforecoming to the workshop and let your individual lesson teacher know what you plan to play so that they can work on it during your lesson.

The concert will start at 12:45 in the Hall, followed by a closing ceremony and party! Please bring some party food/cakes to share (nut-free).

Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich, SE21 8SQ. 

Before 1st May: £220 (book 2+)/£190 (book 1) 

After 1st May: £240 (book 2+)/£210 (book 1)

Sibling discount of £20 for the second and subsequent child.

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